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Project Corpse is a Light Gun/Rail Shooter game similar to old school arcade games. Go back to the 90's and blow some Zombies to ashes while saving Civilians from their wrath.

Your a officer working in a small town that has been called into Lynch Creek Forest for seriously fatal work. While exploring you run into relentless Mutant creatures out for blood. You cant turn back now there is Civilians to save and a mysterious case that needs solving. Fight your way through the Forest for your Answers!


- A Map with multiple paths giving you a lot of options for replayability!

- 3 base weapons Trusty Pistol, Shredder Shotgun and Heavy Machine Gun and 1 special weapon for clearing out enemies quick "The Grenade"! And a Explosive Finish as Well! (More may be added soon)

- Enemy Weapon Deflection (Shoot your enemies weapons right out of the sky)

- Avoid enemy attacks by taking cover!

- Multiple Enemies With different attack styles and speed!

- Totally sick Boss

Depending on how well the game does more will be added for free; So consider supporting and helping a Dev out! If your interested in Survival Horror games you should check out my game Crooked Silence here: https://echo7project.itch.io/crooked-silence-the-full-pack

or its Standalone DLC Crooked Silence: Tales From The Dark here: https://echo7project.itch.io/crooked-silence-tftd


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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Fun onrails shooter, i did a 1 credit clear with a lightgun.

There is a bug where the hits on some small part of the right side of the screen are not registering.

Really cool game, tried it out with my Sinden Lightgun.    The game does need anytime reload and a hide crosshair settings.   I also found it a bit difficult to point and shoot with how the camera moves when you move the gun/mouse.  HOTD:Overkill does this too but much slower and only when pointing near the edge of the screen.   The camera reacting to small movements when trying to aim is a bit of a nuisance.   Also when I flick the gun away from the screen and back to do a shoot-outside-the-screen reload the camera movement that it causes is very disorienting. 

Can we get an option to disable crosshair for light gun? The crosshair ruins the light gun experience.

Would it be possible so we cap reload at any point and i noticed someone said about control papping would be great to be able to cover using my sde buttons on mous but super smashing game thanks.

Fun game.
Just 2 improvements I would suggest to make.

1) Put a option to turn off the crosshair for those playing with a lightgun.
2) Make it so you can reload at any time using right mouse click.

Keep up the good work :)

Great game :) One suggestion - can we have a button mapping menu? I've found it hard to use mouse buttons to reload and take cover, so I've resorted to using NeatMouse to map them onto the keyboard. Also it would be good if there was a way to reload the gun before the mag is empty or when you are in cover, right now you have to empty your mag and stand in the open to reload, which is a nuisance.

TL;DR: For those who search for an arcade rail shooter in the vein of House Of The Dead, this is the game for you. The only downsides are a bug where you have to aim in a very specific way to hit enemies at the edge of the screen and an underwhelming final boss, but for 1 buck, these flaws are more than acceptable.

Project Corpse from Echo7Project is a homage to the old lightgun and rail shooters, but mainly to House Of The Dead, at least from what I heard.

Growing up in the 2000s in Germany, there weren't many Arcades around, so I can only go by what I have seen on YouTube so far, but the influence of House Of The Dead is apparent.

Both are rail shooters that play in a cliche budget horror movie setting, offer multiple paths to the end, and saving civilians for items is a thing in both games.

But I getting ahead of myself. Let's start at the beginning. We play a police officer in the fictional town/county of Lynch Creek, which responds to a 911 call in the woods next to a graveyard and mansion.

Of course, the 911 call turns out to be an attack of the undead, and so the officer ventures into the woods to find out the source of the zombie apocalypse. Why he doesn't radio for backup instead of dealing with the outbreak alone is a mystery to me, but hey, Murica and so, I guess.

That's all that you get on story, really, just like the old rail shooters did back in the day.

And like the old rail shooters, the controls of Project Corpse are very simple: you control the crosshair with your mouse, you fire with the left mouse button, reload with the right, take cover with the middle mouse button, and use items with the spacebar.

As simple as the controls is the gameplay: the camera moves automatically from encounter to encounter. Clear one screen from enemies and you get to go to the next encounter. This goes on till you either lose all your health, aka HP (from which you have 8), or you beat the game. Of course, you get points for all kills, but there is sadly no high score list.

What is there are items, which come in two forms: tools and weapons.

You have two tools, which are a health kit, which heals one HP, and a grenade that cleans everything on the screen, when thrown. You find both items in the levels and you can have more than one of each kind, but you cant choose which item to equip.

Weapons on the other hand you can switch at any time. There are four weapons in total.

First is the unlimited ammo pistol with 12 shots per mag, which is your standard slow-but-accurate firearm. Solid option, like most starter pistols. Can only be reloaded after you fired it dry, but I guess that is to make the game more difficult, adding your ammo count to the things you have to be aware of. This works, because while reloading is fast, having unexpectedly no bullets in your gun can prove fatal in many encounters.

Next up is the shotgun with I think 8 shots. The firing rate is slow, but it kills all normal enemies in one hit and also has a bit of spread, like all video game shotguns. Can only be reloaded by picking up shotgun ammo in the level.

Then there is the SMG, which has around 30 shots. The shots are I think only a bit stronger than the shots of the pistol, but through its high firing rate and ammo count, this gun is still the better option. Like the shotgun, it can only be reloaded by picking up ammo in the level.

There is one more weapon, but telling you which one would be a spoiler, so you have to see for yourself. 

Enough of with what you shoot with, now to what you shoot at. There are two kinds of enemies: melee enemies and projectile enemies.

Projectiles can be shot down, but melee enemies you either have to kill before they attack or get behind cover before they can hit you, but taking cover is only an option in specific encounters.

There are also situations where you can save civilians from zombies, a successful rescue gets rewarded with an item. You have to be quick, but it is possible to rescue each hostage.

In general, there are no encounters that I can honestly describe as downright unfair, even though most of them can be pretty unforgiving, but there is an annoying bug that makes hitting enemies on the edge of the frame difficult, but you can get used to it.

There are three checkpoints in the game, one in the beginning, one in the middle, and one near the end, which are unlocked from the start, and you can choose at the beginning of each new game from which you want to start.

You can choose on specific points where you want to go, but there is a direct path to the final boss, even though you have to find out which, and deviating will mostly bring your more enemies to kill and a few extra items, so its up to you if you want to take that risk.

The final boss, without spoiling too much, is too easy compared to the rest of the game but otherwise inoffensive. Also, he looks pretty cool.

This brings me to the part of the game, which was a point of concern at first but won me over very quickly: the graphics.

As you can see in the screenshots, Project Corpse goes with a PS1/Early 3D Arcade Games aesthetic, which is very blocky and muddled, classic low-res as you see it regularly today.

First, this put me off a bit, but having played such aesthetically unpleasing games like Cruelty Squad, I decided to give it a shot and I have to say, the graphics work in the game's favor, making everything look fittingly grizzly and rotten, as a classic zombie apocalypse should.

Regarding music, there is not much to say: there is one track for the main menu and one for the game, both are getting looped, which is okay because they are very discreet.

The sound effects are also not too much to write home about either, but there are some proper meaty attack sounds in her, which are pretty memorable.

So or so, for a one-buck title, this game goes above and beyond. You can beat Project Corpse in under an hour while also seeing almost everything it has in store, but before you get to that point, you have to endure some hard but fair deaths. But hey, at least it doesn't demand a quarter each time you die, so Id say give it a go!

Any plans to update this to be installable on the ITCH.IO APP?

Amazing game! I bought it a bit ago,  but I noticed that the game runs ably :(

It would really be great if you could consider making an ARM64 or 32-bit (x86) version of your game :) Even if that's not possible, I am glad to be able to support your cool work.

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I have two main gripes right now. There is a HUGE typo in the main menu. It says "Project Corpese" instead of "Project Corpse". My second gripe is that the "take cover" action doesn't make you take cover but makes you turn around instead. Either that or the game made me turn around by itself because there were zombies behind me and the "take cover" button doesn't work.

As others here mentioned: I also can't hit enemies close to the right side of the screen. Tried fullscreen and windowed mode.


Great Start! I truly do love what you have here, but it's not really playable.

-The main issue is a game breaking bug that will not let you progress. Just one part of the screen will just not respond to shooting. The first part I noticed this happens is the third group of enemies that appears when you select the swamp under the bridge in the Forest level. The "zombie" on the right cannot be shot, so you just die.

-Reload needs to work anywhere at anytime. If this was intentional as a mechanic to stop "Shoot/loading" then I get it, but running out of ammo right when you need it is a frustrating killer.

-Middle mouse click to go into cover? That just doesn't fit well here. Middle Mouse is always going to be fickle when it wants to work. Even if you just add a keyboard button or something that would be much appreciated.

-Also, when you die, you cannot return to the main menu, it just seems like you click it and it does nothing. Restarting seems to work fine.

Those are the main issues that need to be fixed the others are not as important, like animations for when the "zombies" come out of the ground, projectiles being much closer than they should be when thrown. Things like are good polish, but not necessary.

I really do enjoy this game and I mean this to be encouraging, you have made a great thing here and I'm sure many players would love to see your work in a better light.

Have a great day and thanks for making cool games!!!

I agree with all your points!

Haven't been able to work on It but ill look into fixing some of these things! Is the zombie thing happening on multiple paths? Thank you for playing my games as well.

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I'll have to play it a little more extensively to check on it. I'll do some experiments! :D

Edit: So I did some testing and there is just a "dead-zone" in the middle right area of the screen. You can test this at any time by firing the gun into that area, there is just no bullets coming from the "gun." I hope this helps.

Btw, I forgot to mention, I love that you have multiple paths like that, great addition!

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Hi all. I'm loving what this game is going for but I'm encountering a frequent glitch that's making it impossible to proceed.

I can't shoot to the right side of the screen; the gunfire sound plays but the tracer bullets don't appear, and any enemy on that side of the screen is simply invulnerable as a result.

I've had a dabble with the screen settings including resolution, graphical settings and even turning my second monitor off, but it just isn't heping.

Can you suggest a fix? Many thanks.

Cool project! Two things I would love to see though. First is to make the cursor optionally invisible when playing with a lightgun like Gun4ir or Sinden and the second is to please allow reloading whenever and not only on an empty clip. Having to waste shots just so you can reload before taking down a multishot zombie is infuriating, especially when jumping from gun to gun. Thanks and looking forward to seeing your next update!

Hey Kevin, is there an easy way to disable the on screen reticle?

This looks excellent Echo! How have you been?

Going to be downloading this and looking to feature it in the mags again!

How is progress on Rupture?

Oh my god...that looks so freakin good!
Maybe it's time to configure my Wiimote on my PC again ;)


Thanks a lot for sharing the link with me =)