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Dazed from Below is a Action Horror game.

Wake up from a deep sleep not knowing anything and finding yourself in a uneasy place. Push forward into darkness not knowing whats ahead solving puzzles and exploring uneasy environments. Try and survive and find your way out from the deep dark mess you have found yourself in. Equip yourself with limited resources to defend yourself from what lurks in the darkness.


Dazed.zip 568 MB

Install instructions

Unzip rar and play


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Hey! I was wondering if we could get into contact! 

I enjoyed playing this game but I gotta admit it got confusing the longer the game went on.

The glowing balls you have to hold F on or E to carry them, those are the 3 keys they have to be put into the 3 machines in the room with the glass window next to the cave door . I should have made it a bit more clear but  I made it over a year ago. Theres a lot of things i didn't expect players would do or think so i never thought about ways of stopping them or helping them.

Also there was a gun in the locked bathroom which also was connected to the vent of  the other bathroom. which is probably bad level design since you drop into a new area but i wasnt thinking at the time.

Hey my new game has just come out. You should check it out it's much better: https://echo7project.itch.io/crooked-silence

Stuck in the office, what to do in the office?? Killed all demons, I heard a gun shot but there is not way to go anywhere...I can't get back in the vent also...May be its a bug and also optimized the game a bit!

so after you fall from the vents there is a wire in that storage room next to one of the lab rooms it goes to the sparking machine in the room with water tubes  inside it ( Yea kinda confusing but it was what i was going for. but i should have made things a bit more clear. The sparks are a different color from others so i thought that might help) Also the next thing might be confusing but to open another door  you have to find 3 glowing balls to  but in certain machines to open a door.

Its a old project i made a year ago so idk if ill go back to it im working on my project of 2 years at the moment "Rupture" :https://gamejolt.com/games/Rupture/265757

Okay sure I will check it

Hey my new game has just come out you should check it out: https://echo7project.itch.io/crooked-silence

Your game is next.