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Crooked Silence is a puzzle survival horror fps game with graphics that are made to look like classic horror games made in the 90's. After a mysterious car crash leaving you stranded out in the woods in the middle of nowhere you wake up to find some help. You search a nearby house to see if there is anyone home but only find a run down building with strange growth throughout its floors. As you progress further into the darkness and depths of the building you encounter things that shouldn't exist.

-Solve puzzles to progress

-Limited resources

-Melee and shooting combat

-Classic graphics

-Environmental story telling

-Easter eggs

-Multiple endings

-And more

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I really like this game!

I'm here to ask for your help, though: I've saved the game when I was in a ventilation shaft, and now when I load the game I'm stuck and I can't move! Is there a way out from this situation? I don't want to restart and lose all my progress!


Huh thats a new one... I just ran through the game to check it out. If your in the secret vent inside the house and can move after crouching you just have to hit the wall you came in trough (it'll be invisible from your view) 

...But... if your in the lab with all the dead bodies... im sorry to say your at of luck there... this is something i didn't know about and im really sorry that you had to find it in this way... but thank you for playing this game it means a lot.

It's fine, dude!

I've decided to start from the beginning and return where I left off... it didn't take long, I already knew what I had to do and what monsters were waiting for me!

But there's one question I'd like to ask: where are the levers? I managed to find lever number 3 and number 4, but I can't find the first two... could you please tell where to find them? I got ending 2 and ending 3, I really want to see ending 1!


1st one is in the house upstairs. When you go upstairs the wall in front of you is the one your looking for. You'll see tiny little holes where the breakable wall is. Hit it and you'll find a secret vent.

2nd is in the same room as the statue that gives you hints. It's to the right of the locked door in the right corner.

Thanks for playing multiple times and for your support :)

Deleted 9 hours ago

Hi! I've deleted my post because I figured out how to find ending number 1!

Really nice game, it kept me hooked up to the end, to the point of working hard to find all the three endings! (and that's something that rarely happens to me!).

P.s.: is there a way I can contact you privately? I've found some glitches and took some screenshots I want to show you, but I don't want to put them here and spoil the game to others!

The visuals in a way are done right but the distortion effect on textures feels way off and causes disorientation. The gameplay is kind of... blurry? Like the game doesn't know what it wants to be. Also what was the narrative again? For a horror game it is essential to have at least some context for the player to keep playing. It's a mess, but it has potential: retro-style was done right, sound designs works and house filling was just right.

great game

it was kind of funny to me, dont know why

Here's a video walkthrough for anyone having trouble getting the true ending.

it was tough, but i managed to get the true ending. the game was really fun. i dug the retro aesthetic. but it was also very difficult. "limited resources" was not a lie! and some of the riddles were brain melters. maybe a hint or two could better the experience. a few minor changes could really polish this game. very enjoyable overall


I'll give it a watch! Thank you for your feed back and thanks for playing!


I do agree on a lot of errors you pointed out. The limited resources were based around critical hits and enemy types. Saving ammo could be done in multiple ways

Basic doll = one head shot is a kill

Pig heads = are slow so the axe is made for fighting them using the block

Ceiling doll = is just one hit from melee

On first pickup of ammo and health all past locations in the game (sides rooms and so on) now have resources and extra ammo

The game was made with the idea of taking on encounters when they showed up.

Either way thank you for your feedback and I'll use this info for the future and thank you for playing once again.

a real treat for horror fans

Left a reply on your video before but yeah it was fun to watch! thank you for playing. :D

Phenomenal Game. 5/5

Thank you very much! And thanks for playing.


Thanks for playing!

This game doesn't seem to be downloadable in the itch.io app. (I have downloaded it on the website instead, but it would be nice if that were not a problem) Whether that get's fixed or not, it looks like a cool game!

If I'm being honest idk how or what the itchio app is sorry. Thanks for playing tho.

I loved this game’s styling as soon as I saw it for the first time. I’d love to see this world expanded. Usually, combat in first-person is difficult to get right, especially in smaller games, but I found Crooked Silence to be immensely satisfying. The only thing that confused me is that, even though my game was saved, I had to start from scratch after dying. Other than that, Crooked Silence is a great old-school horror game. Highly recommended! 


I actually just updated the game! The save system was bugged in the first version but thankfully I was able to fix it! Hopefully you play crooked silence V2 And get to experience the rest of the game :D

Thank you for playing and for your feedback :) !

The game had some great atmosphere and it kept me tense the whole time. I also see you are working on the save system. So that's my suggestion already being worked on. Nice job.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. http://www.youtube.com/c/Levont

Thanks for playing my game it means a lot :D !

Hopefully you give it another shot!

Amazing game dev :D i hope you enjoy my gameplay 

like it but need fix bugs

This game's pretty badass. I love the look of it. There's a bug with the save point though. When you load it, it glitches you through the floor and you can't continue. Pretty damn nice though besides that.


Thanks for the feed back and thanks for playing :)

Yea the save thing is odd... I tried testing and changing how it works. It was working  when I uploaded but it may be something wrong in that certain area.

I'll look into it but with how it's setup it's supposed to help on performance  (map is split into sections that load at certain times)

once again thank you for playing!


The save system now works how it should just to update you on it!