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I really want to play this game but I get an awful gameplay stutter every 5 seconds or so. My PC is fairly high end, runs a lot more intense games... Has this happened to anyone else?

Yes, I previously had the full edition running on my 980 Ti and had the stutter. I've just upgraded to a new PC with high-end specs (3060 Ti) and decided to test it again. Same issue, and I have no idea how to fix it. It just drops from 60 FPS to under 10 then back up again.

This was a real treat, truly an achievement 

Enjoying what I have played so far, great game! Is there a way to possibly adjust the fov? It's a bit to narrow for me. 

Is the game controller compatible? I'd love to play it, but I kind of suck at Mouse and Keyboard, and being a shooter makes it even more difficult for me. Thank ya!

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Controller support is limited and I haven't really worked on it but combat in the game isn't that twitchy for the most part you can even check some let's plays on YouTube. You can use melee for most of the main game and only 1 of the 3 stories in DLC is Gun focused.

But if your saying something like your hands physically can't use a keyboard and mouse due to like a disability that'll be something I'll have to look into in the future to allow more accessibility for everyone.

Ah okay, it's fine tho, thank you very much for your response and concern for disability, I'm fortunate to not have a disability like that, just have difficulty with playing games in that fashion, I'm more use to controllers.

But I think I'll definitely put some thought into buying the game someday anyways, Thanks a bunch! ❤

- Woofy

Hi - I can't use M&K to play games due to a disability, but was able to play the original release of this by adding it to Steam and using their controller configuration tool.



How was the lighting done in this game? Looks good!


I wish you can tune down the camera effects, or option to turn it off completely. The distorting effects are just too much to my eyes. I am having alot fun with this game. Best dollar I've ever spent.

Really love the game! I can't find a way to invert the camera though. I tried to change the inputs or find a config file in the game directory but no luck. Any chance you could help me out?

Be honest, how hard are the puzzles? I'm abysmal at puzzles but this game looks really cool. Thoughts?

Not very.


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I've only given this game a brief try so far, but I wanted to point something out I found really bizarre. 

How come when you press the middle mouse button, the game goes into 3rd person, and your character is now suddenly a soldier in all green fatigues with a shot gun, a much higher polygon count compared to the aesthetic of the game, and is all around completely detached from your first person character? 

Like, when I press the left mouse button, he still performs an action, but instead of swinging the knife or the axe, he like waggles his one-handed shot gun in front of him, like he's gonna beat something with the barrel.


lmk when this rolls out on steam 

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I really like the game and I think it could be awesome IF some things were fixed. I've been playing the demo before buying it and I've found a bug (I don't think this is intended) that seems to trigger after you save a game and load. The enemies not only respawn, but also multiply. Say there are 2 pigmen, 2 dolls and 3 small enemies with an eye. Well, once you load there are 4 pigmen, 4 dolls and 6 small enemies, this is a waste of ammo, HP and time, because it's unfair imo. Is this intended or is it a bug? Another problem I've had is that when I loaded the game after saving I had very low fps and everything was working perfectly before that, maybe it's a result of the enemies multiplying who knows. I wish this was fixed because right now it's the only thing that discourages me about buying the game. Appart from that and some minor things like a plant hitting a puzzle piece and clipping through the ceiling I'm really enjoying the game.

EDIT: I just found out you can activate invincibility in the menu, so I think I'll just do that whenever I load a save and have to deal with multiple enemies. I'll give the game a try because it really is awesome :).

Just getting into this and I needed to share my first thought which is: This is the best use I've ever seen of RFPS. 


Yup I tired my best to make it unique compared to most of the other people using rfps. While I know most people bought it because they don't know code (Me included) they usually never change anything and make it their own. So I tried my best replacing everything I could!

It really looks different than anything else but makes good use of all the features. If that asset was still under development they'd put it in their showcase video trailer for sure. 

The creator actually had a updated version of it for current unity I believe but he had lost the original account so he was unable to update rfps to become even better which is sad because this asset is incredible to work with. I do hope he finds a way to continue his work.

What's RFPS? Is it control style?

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Essentially it's a base kit/template that you would buy from the asset store to help you with development time.

It also really helps artist (Like myself) to create games even if they don't know how to code.

Rfps (realistic first person shooter kit) is just a really great tool if built on top of to make a good single player fps game.

Sadly the kit has been outdated for a while so it's impossible to buy or use in newer game engines unless you know how to convert it.


Ah, that makes sense. If you're not much of a coder I could certainly help if you ever need. I think that the game is great, you did a fantastic job!

this is so coolllll

Can you possibly port this to the Nintendo Switch?


Can you put this game up on steam, it would be awesome to buy it from there


Steam is something I'd have to look into. And idk if my games are quite steam worthy yet lol! But maybe in the future.

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bruh have you seen how shitty most new steam games are? you can put anything up there lol


This is 100% Steam worthy! If you put it on Steam, I'll buy it!

Hey this is some amazing stuff! You've got a lot of talent! Do you have a business email I could contact you with?

Sorry it took so long to reply I dont really stay up to date on sites and I've been a bit busy. Just to give you a heads up I'm artist before anything so my games are very stitched together its kinda hard to explain but it was a solo project. If you'd like to contact me you can here: ill try my best to respond! I guess im not as social as other Devs you could say but Id like to hear what you have to say!